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Glittery Evil Deceiving

Games of the Week... Week of January 11, 2009

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.12 at 22:06
j-cut text="Games of the Week... January 12 - 17">

All these are picked unwatched. So they could be wrong. *L* But they could be right. Based on a lot of things, including season record, recent record, how I feel about the team, whether or not I like the team's goalie, how the goalie is performing recently, off-ice distractions, what the magic 8-ball says, etc. So these are not scientific, in any way. It's all for fun. Anyone agree with my picks?

Best Game of the Week Detroit v. San Jose, January 17th

Worst Game of the Week Toronto v. Atlanta, January 16th

Comic Relief Game of the Week Tampa Bay v. San Jose, January 13th

Most Violent Game of the Week Montreal v. Ottawa, January 17th

Most Important Game of the Week Washington v. Pittsburgh, January 14th

Clusterfuck Game of the Week Colorado v. St. Louis, January 15th

Low-Scoring Game of the Week Phoenix v. Minnesota, January 13th

Throwaway game of the Week Florida v. Tampa Bay, January 17th

Bizzaro-World game of the Week Los Angeles v. Dallas, January 17th


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