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NHL Shadows

Picks for Games of the Week

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.14 at 09:09
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Aebi - Grrr!

Joe Sakic

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.10 at 23:40
Joe Sakic will miss up to 3 months with broken fingers and tendon damage thanks to a run-in with a snowblower (which is always in the basement).

Puck Daddy on Yahoo!Sports blogs had this to say:

"He put his hand where he should not have put it. He's, in a way, lucky." Haven't we all been there, fellas?

We scoured the Colorado Avalanche roster to find which player should have been blowing for Sakic. Obviously, Tyler Arnason was an option, because he's not doing anything else; but then again, Darcy Tucker could have avoided any mechanical dangers by spearing all the snow until it melted.

That's just classic.

In case anyone needed more proof of what a disaster the Tampa Bay Lightning are this year...

Barry Melrose wishes they don't win another game this year. He may get his wish.

They have one win in their last fourteen games.

High-priced free-agent winger Radim Vrbata just up and quit. Literally walked away. Well, flew. He's back home in the Czech Republic for the remainder of the season.

Stamkos should be in the AHL. Barry said it, perhaps as a shot at management, but regardless, he's right. Stamkos is 18 years old and isn't ready for the NHL.

Vincent LeCavalier I don't have to say anything because I've said it all before and had people tell me I was wrong and defend him to me.

All that aside, the most telling of what a disaster Tampa Bay is?

This, coming from goaltender Mike Smith:

"The coaches have given us an opportunity to know what to do putting the game plan on the board, in practice we go through what we're supposed to be doing in situations, then we go on the ice and it's like we forgot everything. I don't know if we're a dumb team, if we just don't get it or we don't deserve to be in this league, I don't know, but we are making the same mistakes we talk about game in and game out."

I don't know if we're a dumb team, if we just don't get it or we don't deserve to be in this league

Yeah. Mike Smith sums it up real well right there. I don't think there's anything else I can say.


Aebi - Grrr!

Biron and the big cheese

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.09 at 19:06
Nothing special, just... how cheesy.

Announcers on Biron: "Marty Biron in net for the Flyers. He speaks softly, and carries a big stick."


NHL Shadows

Trivia Question

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.06 at 13:50
I was watching the NY Islanders/Washington Capitals game, and their trivia question for the evening was "Who are the two players who have scored 20 goals for 6 different teams?"

So they give the answer: Ray Sheppard and Bill Guerin.

Now, Guerin, yes. Sheppard, sure, if they say so.

However, I believe they are incorrect in asking who the "two" players are. I believe there is a third, unless they are referring to players who have scored 20 goals in one season with six different teams. Because there's a third player who has scored 20 with 6 different teams.

Doug Gilmour.

He scored 20 or more in a season with the St Louis Blues, Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs and Chicago Blackhawks, and over 2 seasons scored 20 for the NJ Devils (7 and 13), and Montreal Canadiens (10 and 11).

Campbell - win or lose

Did you know? ... and picks...

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.02 at 21:05
Let's see... None of the games tonight are particularly attention-grabbing, thus I've decided to start two things that I may or may not do regularly. First, a list of odd and useless hockey trivia, and second, a list of games of the week.

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Games of the Week... December 2 - December 6Collapse )

Canada Hockey

Minnesota forward

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.11.24 at 22:28
I can't help it... his name... I just want to call him Clutterfuck!!! Or Clusterfuck!!!

(his name is Cal Clutterbuck... You gotta feel sorry for him... name like that.)


Briere - don't make me get

Boston at Montreal

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.11.22 at 20:11
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um... what are Milan Lucic and Georges Laraque having a deep meaningful conversation about?

...they're standing there at the faceoff just... talking. And whatever they're saying it's rather long and drawn-out.

Campbell - win or lose

Cullimore... and excess body parts?

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.11.21 at 14:53
On the Loudspeaker: Disturbia -- Rihanna
Is anyone else as confused by this picture as I am?

So with the recent inductions into the Hockey Hall of Fame, it raises the question... who in the league today will be going to the hallowed halls of hockey immortality?

Guessing and not so much guessing...Collapse )

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