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Canada Hockey

Candidates for Calder

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.31 at 19:11
Puck Daddy did a small blog on Yahoo!Sports about how Cal Clusterfuck Clutterbuck is getting some consideration for the Calder this year.

In that blog, he noted Clutterbuck's stats, but also noted that it was essentially a foregone conclusion that Mason was getting the Calder this year.

He didn't mention any other names.

The first comment to that blog said it all: "How many goals does Bobby Ryan need to score?"

Seriously. He doesn't even get mentioned? As a possible candidate for Calder? To quote the Hurricane from WWE... Whassupwitdat?

Canada Hockey

Worst NHL Contracts

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.27 at 19:01
I read it in Puck Daddy's Yahoo!Sports Blog.

And had to comment, and add my two cents.

Worst NHL ContractsCollapse )

Other contracts you think are ridiculous?

j-cut text="Games of the Week... January 12 - 17">

All these are picked unwatched. So they could be wrong. *L* But they could be right. Based on a lot of things, including season record, recent record, how I feel about the team, whether or not I like the team's goalie, how the goalie is performing recently, off-ice distractions, what the magic 8-ball says, etc. So these are not scientific, in any way. It's all for fun. Anyone agree with my picks?

Best Game of the Week Detroit v. San Jose, January 17th

Worst Game of the Week Toronto v. Atlanta, January 16th

Comic Relief Game of the Week Tampa Bay v. San Jose, January 13th

Most Violent Game of the Week Montreal v. Ottawa, January 17th

Most Important Game of the Week Washington v. Pittsburgh, January 14th

Clusterfuck Game of the Week Colorado v. St. Louis, January 15th

Low-Scoring Game of the Week Phoenix v. Minnesota, January 13th

Throwaway game of the Week Florida v. Tampa Bay, January 17th

Bizzaro-World game of the Week Los Angeles v. Dallas, January 17th


Canada Hockey

Trade Deadline 2009

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.11 at 21:43
Mmmm... trade rumors...

Rumor 1: It's been around the block before... Atlanta is shopping Ilya Kovalchuk. Rumors once involved him going to Minnesota for Gaborik, but I don't see that happening. Atlanta would be ridiculously stupid to make that trade now.

Rumor 2: Tampa is shopping Vincent LeCavalier. Issue one is that there is disagreement in the higher ups in Tampa about this--some want to trade him, some don't. Issue two is salary--LeCavalier carries a high salary, so he'd have to go to a place with available funds under the cap. Rumor currently is Montreal, with Higgins, Plekanec, a prospect and a pick going to Tampa.

The trade deadline is shaping up to be interesting indeed. :)

Mmmm... I'm watching the Dallas/Phoenix shootout.

Nobody could score in regulation.

Or in the overtime.

Bryzgalov makes a great save on Richards and on Eriksson (sp?)

The announcers call Bryzgalov "Brizz". *boggles*

Reinprecht just makes Turco his bitch. He roofed it, and I do mean roofed it. The puck got stuck between the net and the bar under it. *L*

Turris ends it for the Coyotes. :) And the Coyotes win in the shootout, 1-0. Bryzgalov a terrific game for the Coyotes, earns the shutout.

Canada Hockey

Bobby Ryan

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.10 at 23:01
Please tell me everyone saw that goal he scored for the hat trick in Anaheim's game against LA.

He just... damn. Peter Harrold would like his dignity back. He'd also like to know if you've seen his clothes. Because Ryan just undressed him going in for the hat trick. I mean... memories of Drury bitch-slapping Brodeur here.

My NHL - Buffalo Sabres

Does it really matter who's in net?

Posted by sxeraven on 2009.01.04 at 14:53
The question was raised during the intermission today of the Florida/Montreal game, because it's been said the Panthers play better in front of Craig Anderson.

Does it really matter who's in net?

Bill Lindsay says it doesn't, because players are still going to go out and focus on their game, and do what they have to do.

I think it's nice to think that way... but I'd imagine that players are going to play differently in front of certain goalies. I don't think there's any way that a player would play the same type of game in front of Patrick Roy that they would play in front of Peter Budaj. There's a level of confidence that comes with a goaltender who makes the superb saves, who's going to keep you in the game day in and day out, and that goalie is going to let you go out and focus on your game a lot more than a goalie you don't have confidence in. If you're playing in front of a goalie you don't have confidence in, you're going to play a little more defensively, maybe you're going to end up screening the goalie more as you're trying to create less of a shooting lane for the opposing team.

But a former player says it doesn't matter.

So what's your take? Does it matter who's in net, or does it not?

Canada Hockey

He's out again!

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.29 at 23:51
Further proving the sheer genius of Garth Snow, 15-year man Rick DiPietro is hurt AGAIN, after playing one (yes, you read that correctly, one) game on his return from surgery. He's played a total of 4 games for the Islanders this year. Four.

His groin is apparently more fragile than Pavel Bure ever was.

Briere - do not f with

Picks of the week...

Posted by sxeraven on 2008.12.27 at 11:14
Games of the Week... December 28 - January 3Collapse )

Sundin will supposedly sign with either the Canucks or the Rangers by the December 19th roster freeze.

I was sorta hoping he'd go to Montreal, but I suppose they've dropped out of the Sunny Sweepstakes.

I had other things to say on this, but I'm watching Colorado/Philadelphia and I've been entirely distracted because the 2nd period of this game has gone quite to shit.

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